Theatre & Dance

The Arts have been an undeniable and fulfilling part of Alex’s life practically since she was born.  She grew up in a musical and artistic household; whether she was listening to her Dad play guitar and sing an original song or having craft-time with her Mom, the creative side of her personality and mind was always being stretched and honed.  Since then, she has dabbled in varying areas of the theatrical arts and has found a passion for musical theatre and choreography in particular.  To read more about my path to theatre and choreography, check out this blog post!

  • Productions & Projects

    Over the last decade Alex has worked with several community theatre companies based in and around Philadelphia. Click here to find out more about the companies and the productions she’s assisted.

  • Choreography Reel & Media

    Missed seeing one of the productions?  Check out photos and videos of some of Alex’s work and the wonderful performers she’s taught over the years.